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#3 Simple Ways to Reduce Uric Acid Problem (Part 2)

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Hey Guys how are you all? We hope that you are doing great, Y&H Fitness is back with it’s another fitness article. This article is basically for the people who are facing problems related to Uric Acid. So not wasting much time lets come to know the 3 simple ways by which you can Reduce your Uric Acid problem.

1) Apple Cider vinegar : Drinking Apple cider vinegar empty stomach early in the morning definitely helps in reducing the problem of Uric Acid because Apple cider vinegar becomes alkaline when goes into the system and alkaline nature of it reduces the chance of the problem.

2) Vitamin C : Vitamin C consumption helps in flushing out excess Uric acid from the body thus relieving from Uric Acid problem. Consuming lemon water, Guava, Amla and  Oranges in the diet is highly recommended to eliminate the chances of the problem.

3) Water : Drinking 3-4 liters of water per day should be part of your diet. Water helps filter and dilute the uric acid in your blood, and encourages the kidneys to excrete the excess. So drinking enough water on the regular basis is highly recommended.

So, try these tips out if you are facing Uric Acid problem any do tell us in the comment section that which tip is most useful for you.

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