4 Tips To Increase Body Height Naturally

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Guys Y&H fitness is back with it’s another fitness article after very long time due to some Personal/Technical issues. This time the article is for those people/children who face problem in gaining body height.

Height is one of the factor which is directly responsible to our confidence level and Personality. So, having decent height is very necessary.
(60-80%) of body height is dependent upon genetics and about (20%) of our body height depends upon our environment, activities, and diet. The age limit of increasing body height is about (13-21 years). Thus, we can increase our height by following these 4 simple natural ways:

1) Sound Sleep
According to Researches, it is found that during sleep HGH (Human growth hormone) is released in the body which is responsible for increasing body height. So proper sleep of of 8-10 hrs a day will definitely help in increasing height.

2) Proper Stretching Exercises
Stretching exercises elongates muscle fiber as well as mobilizes joints which leads to proper blood flow in the body which in turns results in proper body height growth.Performing stretching exercises such as Cobra Stretch, twists, common leg stretches and hangings will definitely help in gaining body height.

3) Balanced Diet
Diet also plays a crucial role in increasing body height of children. Diet of a growing child must contain all the nutrients in equal and appropriate proportions in order to grow.

Vital nutrients and minerals which helps in gaining good height are:-

a) Vitamin D and protein help in triggering the growth hormones, and are required for the proper growth of teeth and bones. Hence, the foods that are rich in these nutrients such as cheese, legumes, tofu, lean meat, and egg white should be included in your diet.

b) Proper intake of zinc is also very important, as its deficiency can lead to stunted growth in children. Foods such as asparagus, chocolate, eggs, oysters, and peanuts are rich in zinc.

4) Physical Activities
Physical activities refers to participating or involving in any kind of sports or exercise. Being involved in sports, the demand of nutrients to the body increases and because of that more quality food is to be consumed which leads to proper growth to body as well as helps in gaining body height.

So guys work according to it and see the difference in the coming months.
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