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5 Health benefits of drinking Buttermilk (chaas).

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So guys Y&H fitness is back with it’s another fitness article and this time the topic is related to nutrition which is Buttermilk (chaas) the most commonly used health drink in india.
->what is buttermilk?
Buttermilk is not a blend of milk and butter. It is a derivative of the butter mixing process. Buttermilk is prepared using a few spoons of natural yogurt mixed with water and blended well.The drink is often consumed in Indian households as a digestive drink or during summer months to keep the body cool.So guys this we all know,now not wasting much time lets see below the 5 health benefits of buttermilk.
5 Health benefits of drinking Buttermilk
1) Buttermilk provides calcium to the bones as buttermilk is a treasure of calcium which is responsible for development of tough bones.
2) Buttermilk contains Riboflavin (vit.b2) which acts as a detoxifying agent and detoxify liver thus increasing apetite.
3) Buttermilk enhances digestion as it has certain enzymes in it which increases rate of digestion.
4) Buttermilk also helps in keeping the skin acne free,because it cools the digestive tract which in return keeps skin acne free.
5) Buttermilk contains 90% of water thus its consumption helps you to maintain optimal level of water in the body and keeps you hydrated all day.
So guys we hope that you get something beneficial for you regarding buttetmilk try it out and do let us know how you feel after regular consumption of buttermilk.
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