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5 Reasons why your body is not growing

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Hey Guys how are you all? We hope that you are doing great, Y&H fitness is back with it’s another fitness article. This article is basically for everyone who all are facing problem in growing. So guys see the reasons below and point out which you are lagging in, correct it and you just start growing again.

1) Poor Post Workout Meal

Post workout meal must be full of Quality protein, simple carbs, and good fats because this meal helps you to rebuild your broken muscle tissues and prepares your body for next workout session. So, guys, your post workout meal must be very good in order to grow your body.

2) Avoiding carbs

People think that eating carbs will make them fatty which is absolutely wrong. Taking carbs at the right time will give you tough muscles and fuller look. So guys always have carbs before and after the workout to keep your muscle glycogen level full.

3) Less water intake than required

70% of our body is made up of water, so not drinking water is not a wise thing. Water in the form of blood helps in transporting nutrients to the muscle thus making muscles grow big and that is what you want. So guys always be in the state of hydration.

4) Inadequate sleep

Sleep is the key to your growth because you not grow in the gym, not while having food you grow when you sleep. So having 6-8 hrs of optimal sleep will increase your gains. So guys sleep well and avoid late night chats and any other work.

5)Always being impatient

Guys one thing you always have to keep in mind is that you cannot grow overnight, you have to give years in training, diet, rest in order to grow big and look muscular. So be patient, work hard in discipline and you will definitely get results. “Being patient is the key to success”.

So guys, find out your reason, change the way you are and see the growth in your body again.
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