Stubborn Muscles

Ways to grow your stubborn muscles

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Hey Guys how are you all. We hope that you are doing great, Y&H Fitness is back with it’s another fitness article. This article is basically for everyone who is facing problem in growing stubborn muscles of the body. This article tells you the ways how to grow stubborn muscles with different techniques and approach.

“Guys every muscle present in our body respond differently to different exercises, some even grow with little effort and some wont grow even working on it for months.
Thus stubborn muscles comes under the category of poor growth.”


!! Reason behind the muscles with poor growth !!

The Reason behind poor growth in muscles are overuse of muscles and not applying the correct approach in training.These are only two things which is responsible for not getting proper muscle growth.


!! Which Muscles are stubborn and wont grow easily !!

1) Muscles of calf
2) Muscles of forearms
3) Muscles of shoulders
4) Trapezius Muscles


Tips which help in giving growth to your stubborn muscles :-

1) Training frequency

Training frequency means how often a particular muscle is trained ,  training the stubborn muscles twice per week with a gap of 48 hrs is very helpful in giving them growth.

2) Progressive Overload

Progressive overload is one of the scientific principles of training. This means that increasing the load gradually after particular training sessions is very beneficial inorder to see results as increasing the load will put much damage to the muscles which later been recovered by Rest and Nutrition and good results are seen on the stubborn muscles.

3) Training Intensity

Training intensity means the amount of effort a person is putting while doing any kind of physical activity. So improving mind to muscle connection and including Super sets and Drop sets in exercise performed for stubborn muscles will definitely help them in gaining growth with relative fast pace.

4) Nutrition

Taking the right balance of nutrition after the intense training sessions is very important in making the muscles to recover fast and preparing them for the next training session.

So guys change your approach and apply these tips when you are working out for the stubborn muscles as see the change in yourself in coming months.


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