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Best pre workout meal any one can ever have

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So guys Y&H fitness is back with its another fitness article and this time the article is on a very discussed topic which is pre workout meal.

Now lets come to know quickly what is pre workout meal.
So guys pre-workout meal is a meal taken before any physical activity. It helps in providing sustained amount of energy to carry out any physical activity for a longer time period.


So now lets come to know what to have in your pre workout meal to overcome the fatigue in the gym and perform well.

For Vegetarians

! 50-100 gms of roasted paneer .
! 2 Medium Bananas .

For Non-Vegetarians

! 2 cooked whole Eggs .
! 2 slices of whole grain bread .

Consume the pre workout meal 1/2 an hour before workout.

!! Why this combination of food choosen?

Guys this combination of food has all the three macronutrients (Carbs,proteins and fats) present in appropriate amount. These are required by your body during hard workout session.

So ,guys have this meal before your workout and see the difference in your physical performance day by day.  Do tell us if you feel that it is the correct combination for you to have it before workout.
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