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5 Simple And Natural Ways To Reduce Stress

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Now let us come to know What Is Stress?
“It is nothing but a mental and emotional strain which is created by the person itself”.
Example: Too much of thinking, too much ambitious nature, anger, depression etc are the main causes.
Now not wasting much time lets come to know the 5 simple ways which help in reducing the level of stress.
1) Taking (Proper Sleep) is the first simple way to reduce stress. Taking sleep for 8 hrs a day helps to reduce its levels.

2) (Meditation and yoga) definitely helps in reducing stress. So practicing these two techniques 2-3 days a week other than physical exercise helps to calm body and mind.

3) (Laughter) is the simplest way to reduce stress. Laugh and stay happy is the best possible way to reduce stress.

4) Consuming (Vitamin B1 and B6) in your daily diet also helps in reducing stress. These vitamins help in reducing it because of their anti-stress properties. And consuming these vitamin rich foods regularly in your diet very effectively reduces stress.

5) (Coconut water) is the drink which helps in calming the nerves and helps in reducing stress. Coconut water contains B-complex vitamins as well as certain minerals such as magnesium and potassium which helps the muscle to relax which directly reduces the stress levels of the person.

So guys try these tips out and do tell us what you feel and what changes occur to your body and mind with time.
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